Friday, April 30, 2010

Question of the Day #43: What is your opinion on Ron Howard as Director for 'The Dark Tower' series?

King made an excellent decision in choosing Ron Howard for The Dark Tower series but I don't think their idea to do a trilogy would cover all seven books.  Although, I'm sure Ron Howard doesn't want to spend the next 10+ years on one massive project either.  So I could see why they would want to do it as a trilogy as opposed to what they did with the Harry Potter movies.  What do you think? 

*Post your thought and opinions in comments.


  1. My thoughts: Don't bother.

    Unless someone IS willing to spend 4-5 years of continuous filming at an unbelievable cost, with all the primary actors under contract for the entire duration (think LotR style filming - but for 7 [maybe you could get away with 5] films instead of 3)...

    ..unless someone is willing to do all of that, I'd rather keep it in my head where I know it won't be butchered. :-)

  2. Some call me Tim,
    Hope you're having a good evening. :) Five extra-long movies might be enough. Yes and there better not be any slicing and dicing of this series or else! Thanks


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