Monday, April 19, 2010

PS Publishing in the UK publishing Stephen King's One For The Road

Stephen King's Short Story One For The Road is being published in storybook form by PS Publishing.  The art does look amazing.   

Hi, folks;

Well, this one’s a little late, isn’t it? What can I say: the run-up to World Horror in Brighton was insane — what with trying to successfully launch fifteen books in one month — but we pulled it off. After World Horror, of course, we had to get home and start mailing out copies of those books to the people who’d placed orders for them — no rest for the wicked, I guess!

One For The Road – highly collectable illustrated Stephen King storybook ready to ship

A few words about One For The Road, our very special Stephen King storybook. Due to many requests from folks who simply couldn’t afford to stump up the loot for a five-year sub to our twice-yearly anthology, we’ve offered copies for sale individually, albeit at a pricepoint that wouldn’t annoy those who forked out for the sub.

This special landscape jacketed hardcover features 18 brand new full-page and full-color illustrations from PS favourite James Hannah, whose work has already graced the covers for Elizabeth Hand’s Illyria, Mark Samuels’s The Face Of Twilight, Graham Joyce’s TWOC, and Ray Bradbury’s classic triptych of The October Country, The Halloween Tree and Something Wicked This Way Comes.

The book will be in two states: an unsigned jacketed hardcover (500 copies) and a 100-copy slipcased hardcover signed by James. Take up has been brisk on the 100-copy signed edition, so be warned – these won’t sit in the warehouse for long!

And until the end of the month we’ll be throwing in an extra standard edition to everyone who stumps up for the top state. (And yes, that offer applies to everyone who has already pre-ordered.)

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